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Russian ambassador to London warns UK against war with Moscow

Russia’s ambassador to London warned the UK to avoid confrontation with Moscow after the UK army chief called for a “national mobilization” to prepare for a war with Russia last week.

Andrei Klein said on Saturday that Russia has given “no cause” for such a call, describing it a “fizzling attempt” in favor of militarization.

“The UK should concentrate on avoiding confrontation with Russia, instead of contemplating the possibility of military conflict between the two countries,” Klein said after attending a ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of the end of the siege of Leningrad.

“Today, amid a tense political environment, all of a sudden, we heard calls to get ready for a war on Russia in the uncertain future. We have heeded and taken note of this. We have given no cause for this.”

He advised “young politicians” to study and memorize lessons from history, saying nobody has ever been able to defeat Russia.

“Most British people have well preserved in their memory the fact that it was the Soviet Union that, alongside the allies, made a decisive contribution to our victory over Nazi Germany,” he said.

“It is necessary not to ponder a potential war against Russia, but about how to get out of that spiral of confrontation and how to establish a renewed system of international relations based on equality, mutual respect and the regard for security interests,” Klein added.

He took a swipe at the “unseasoned young politicians” who have never been to war or do not remember the Cold War but make “flippant statements” about reinforcing the army and preparing for war.

According to Klein, the British military command’s calls were merely aimed at acquiring extra funding for the national defense sector.

“Everything is being done for one simple purpose, which is to try once again to stir up society in order to squeeze some money out to build up the army and armed forces. This might be one of the last fizzling attempts to galvanize general attitudes in favor of militarization,” he said.

On Wednesday, the head of the British army Patrick Sanders said in a speech that people in Britain should be ready to serve in the military in the event of a war with Russia.

Sanders said Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is a sign of things to come.

He called for Britain to train a “citizen army” ready for a land war — as he questioned the size of the country’s army and urged its modernization.

Max Blain, Spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said talk of “hypothetical scenarios” regarding future conflicts was “not helpful.”

Blain said the government “has no intention” of introducing conscription.