The nature of dividing North-South will prove fatal for the entire country : Laxmi Sinha

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The nature of dividing North-South will prove fatal for the entire country: Laxmi Sinha
Bihar (Patna) social worker and State Organization Secretary cum State Media In-charge (Women’s Cell) of Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party, Mrs. Laxmi Sinha said that an attempt was made to promote and accentuate the alleged difference between North versus South. There is no tendency to divide North-South. From time to time, various political parties have been making efforts to water this divisive poison to fulfill their vested political interests. This can be considered an extension of the discussion of Aryan vs Dravidian, native vs outsider, dark skin vs white skin and Hindi vs non-Hindi. After the recent assembly election results, on the day of counting, as soon as it became clear that Congress was losing Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and winning in Telangana, Congress leader Praveen Chakraborty posted on Instagram, ‘North-South border line thick. It is becoming more clear. Later he removed this post. On the same day, Karti Chidambaram posted just two words ‘The South’. The intention was to show that the voters of the South are more conscious, progressive and mature than those of the North. The limit was reached when DMK MP DAV Senthil Kumar said in Parliament that ‘the people of this country should think that the strength of BJP is only so much that it can win mainly in the states having cow urine.’ He further said, ‘BJP cannot come to South India because we are very strong in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.’ The statement by the newly appointed Chief Minister of Telangana Revanth Reddy that his DNA is better than external DNA also shows his intention to create division between North and South. Such statements are not made without any reason, spontaneously or just tossed in the air, but there is also a mathematics of electoral loss and profit behind them. There is a well-planned strategy. It is an irony that the Congress, which is known throughout the country and has enhanced authority on the legacy of the freedom movement, is today becoming like a regional party. It is really disappointing to see that the Congress which once talked about integration and boasted of unity and integrity, today sometimes indulges in religious appeasement and sometimes sees its future in the rise of regional identities. Apart from Congress, other regional parties will have to remember that the basic nature and culture of this country is to unite and not to divide.

Smt. Laxmi Sinha further said that BJP, through its various policies and schemes along with cultural programs like Kashi-Tamil Sangamam, Saurashtra-Tamil Sangamam, is creating a bright image of the future India by 2047 with Developed India, Smart India, Strong India. Whereas Congress is still hoping to garner votes on the basis of discriminatory issues and discussions like OBC reservation, caste census, North-South etc. Instead of disregarding public opinion or questioning the understanding of voters, all political parties including Congress will be informed that today’s India wants to rise above gender, caste, language, region and religion and at least keep pace with the developed world. Is.