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#Turbat Update Right now, Turbat Airport/PN Naval Base, Jointly Operated by CAA and PN, Comes Under Attack in Pakistan : Video

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Turbat Airport/PN Naval Base, Jointly Operated by CAA and PN, Comes Under Attack in Pakistan

Reports of heavy gunfire, explosions, and sightings of low-flying helicopters have emerged from Turbat as the Majeed Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army claims responsibility for an attack.

The ISPR is disseminating a narrative suggesting that terrorists attempted to breach the military (FC/Army) installation via the airport. Allegedly, soldiers at OP spotted them and swiftly engaged, resulting in the neutralization of all four attackers with no casualties or fatalities. Clearance operations are currently underway.

However, it’s crucial to note that the attack targeted a Naval Aviation Base, strategically positioned to cover Gawadar. Efforts seem to be underway to downplay this detail and highlight the superior professional skills of the responding forces.\


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Turbat Update 🚨

Right now, things in Turbat are under control. The terrorists have been sent to hell.

Pakistani security forces acted quickly to detect and eliminate four terrorists who were trying to access a military compound in #Turbat through a civilian #Airport.

MahRang Missing Person list is going to be updated soon .

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The Baloch Liberation Army made an unsuccessful attempt. At a cemetery on New Base 4, terrorists from the BLA’s Majid Brigade attacked ten youngsters tonight. They were halted prior to going into the base. From the side of the Turbat airport, they had tried to launch an attack.

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Last night 4-6 BLA terrorists tried to enter a military compound through #Turbat airport. Vigilant sentries detected the move earlier and engaged the terrorists. Alhamdollilah all terrorists have been eliminated with no liss to life or material at own side. We commend the valour and resilience of our Armed forces. Reportedly a call leak indicates one of the trapped terrorist showing his remorse.
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Long Live Pakistan Armed Forces

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Shots & explosions at Turbat Airport in Pakistan

Heavy Gunfire Heard Near Pakistan’s #Turbat Airport & Naval Air Station – Local Media.
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Heavy gunfire, explosions, and low-flying helicopters have been reported over Turbat
The attack has been claimed by the terror organisation Baloch Liberation Army.

Latest Visual from Turbat Attack.

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ماں پنجابی پوجاں گُشاں کہ مئے ڈیہ ءَ شُمارا وھد است که مئے ڈیه ءَ ھالی بِکن اِت

سرکماش بشیر زیب بلوچ

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The objective of establishing the Majeed Brigade is to hit the enemy where it is not possible in conventional guerilla warfare – BLA chief Bashir Zeib Baloch.
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#BLA in its latest statement claims it has killed “over a dozen” Pakistani personnel and its attack on #PNS Siddique in Turbat continues for last two hours.

Locals report hearing multiple explosions and gunfire.