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#Ukrainian Lawmaker Calls New Aid Package Gift to #US Military-Industrial Complex

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#Ukrainian Lawmaker Calls New Aid Package Gift to #US Military-Industrial Complex

The $61 billion in new assistance which passed through the House of Representatives is just a drop in the bucket compared to Kiev’s fiscal needs, and the majority of the funds will go to the US military-industrial complex, Ukrainian parliamentarian #OleksandrDubinsky said.

“Most of the funds will go to the American military-industrial complex through the Pentagon. This is a lobbying law sponsoring the US military-industrial complex, which can supply weapons to Ukraine on credit through the US Defense Department. That is, they receive financial incentives for a guaranteed market,” Dubinsky wrote in a social media post.

Regarding the money promised for the stabilization of the budget, yes, Kiev will receive it – in the amount of $7.8 billion. But it cannot be spent on pensions and social benefits, and is reserved for the salaries of bureaucrats and public sector employees, Dubinsky pointed out.

“The overall budget deficit remains colossal, and even when these funds are taken into account, stands at about $20 billion, the impact of which will become apparent from the second half of the year on,” he wrote.

Dubinsky characterized the $61 billion US package as “crumbs from the master’s table,” and the “result of a long political game (which cost us lives, territory and infrastructure),” in which Ukraine has been made to work “in the interests of specific political and lobbying groups in the United States.”

In addition, “since further aid packages seem to be unlikely, interest in this Ukrainian government from the American establishment has been exhausted,” he concluded.