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Hend F Q
Each night, I close my eyes with a prayer,
Hoping to wake from this ongoing nightmare.
But morning reveals a world torn apart,
With rubble and ruins breaking more hearts.
For nearly a month, I’ve known endless despair,
No food, no water, no power, and no air.
The cries of hunger, the darkness of night,
In this shattered world, we’re caught in a plight.
No mercy from the outer world we receive,
As pain and suffering make us grieve.
But deep inside, a flicker of hope remains,
That one day, our world will break these chains.
Through the darkness, a glimmer will shine,
From hearts that believe in a world so divine.
With strength, we’ll endure, together we’ll strive,
For a future where peace and compassion revive.

Hend F Q

The West Bank has zero Hamas. 100 killed and over 1000 jailed. They are allowed a 1 hour curfew to buy necessities and fetch their needs in their hell of an apartheid life. They bombed their homes and bulldozer them.

Hend F Q
Netanyahu tried to convince EU leaders to pressure Egypt to either ethnic cleanse and kill all the refugees from the Gaza Strip or move them to Egypt under Al Sisi. There is an Arab covenant of word of honor and blood that we all support with blood and money. For someone and a people that broke every covenant they ever signed, they won’t and can’t understand that. Did I mention that Israel killed their own Israeli hostages together with the 700 that died yesterday?