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Yemen slams UN Security Council resolution on Red Sea operations

Yemen has condemned as a “political game” a resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council on naval operations in the Red Sea, saying the US is the side that is violating international law.

In an X post on Thursday, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, emphasized that the actions of the Yemeni armed forces in support of the Gaza Strip fall within the framework of legitimate defense.

The remarks came hours after the Security Council approved a resolution, backed by the US and Japan, which demanded an immediate end to attacks by Yemeni forces on Israeli-owned or Israeli-bound ships in the Red Sea.

“We inform the people of the world that the decision adopted regarding the security of navigation in the Red Sea is a political game, and that the United States is the one violating international law,” Houthi said.

Any act the Yemeni armed forces face “will have a reaction, and any state that attacks bears the responsibility for aggression and the protection of the usurping entity which commits massacres under American and British protection,” he warned.

Houthi also urged the Security Council to immediately release 2.3 million people from the “Israeli-American siege” on Gaza.

‘Unjust resolution comes amid UN failure to stop Gaza war’

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Mujahideen resistance movement condemned the Security Council resolution and said that the Yemeni operations are aimed at reducing oppression against the people of Gaza and ending the Israeli genocide.

“This unjust resolution comes amidst the Council’s inability to issue a resolution condemning the brutal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza due to American hegemony, confirming the international system’s failure to protect human rights,” it said in a statement.