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Zionist Propaganda minister Gallant : “Iran threatens to use nuclear warheads”

🇮🇱 Gallant: “Iran threatens to use nuclear warheads”

“Last night, Israel experienced one of the most dramatic nights we have ever experienced, hundreds of missiles of various types were fired at the State of Israel including over 100 ballistic missiles fired from Iran, each with hundreds of kilograms of explosives.

The continuous preparation we did together with our American partners brought the most impressive results,” he says.

Together with the US and other countries, we have established a strong and powerful alliance, with coordination and synchronization between the defense establishments of the State of Israel, the US, and our partners.

The result is a complete containment of the threats except for a very, very small margin, and I want to say in this regard, kudos to the defense establishment, kudos to the IDF and kudos to our partners.

We have an opportunity here to establish a strategic alliance against this serious threat from Iran, which threatens to put nuclear explosives on the heads of these missiles.

This thing could be a very serious threat.

The US, Israel and its allies stand shoulder to shoulder to defend against this threat.”