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Sulaiman Ahmed




“This is a day of great sadness. This is a day of great revenge. This is a day of revenge. May their defiled and delusional peace fall today, and may the banners of vengeance and vengeance rise

Praise be to God, who honored us with jihad and humiliated us by abstaining from it. Praise be to God, who opened the gates of Paradise to the mujahideen, and made Hell the abode of the hypocrites and the backward. Praise be to God, who honored us by joining this pure group, the group of the prophets and messengers, the group of the good mujahideen. Praise be to God, who made for us in every good deed we do a path to Paradise, and made for us in the calamities of this mortal world a good and a reward for the presence of his noble face. Today, your victorious battalion bids farewell to the leaders of the pillars of the resistance and the spearhead of its resistance. Brothers, Mujahideen leaders

The heroic martyr leader: Muhammad Jamal Al-Zubaidi “Al-Nash”

The heroic martyr leader: Iyad Hanoun “Abu Watan” Medal

We also brought to you two young heroes of our steadfast people

The heroic martyr: Adam Al-Ghoul (9 years old)

The heroic martyr: Basil Abu Al-Wafa (15 years old)

In our farewell to our martyrs, leaders, we emphasize what…

– In the presence of their pure blood, we renew our pledge and pledge of allegiance to continue the path of jihad towards victory or martyrdom.

Their killing of our leaders and mujahideen will only increase our strength and resolve

– We reassure our families and all our free people that the Jenin Brigade and its mujahideen are still alive, thanks to God, and continue to do well, and this criminal occupier will receive what he deserves at every targeting or incursion.

And to the criminal Israeli, who is pushing with all his might and machinery from the air force and the ground, trying to break the will of our resistance and eliminate it, we are waiting for you and preparing for you, and that your assassination of the leaders of the resistance staff in the camp will be met with revenge and fire, and that what awaits you outside the camp is many times what we have prepared inside.

“Then wait, I am with you waiting.”

Our fight continues and our weapons are deployed in all arenas”