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‘Galloping’ Israeli regime stopped in Gaza : Major General Hossein Salami, IRGC chief

The head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Israel’s “galloping” invasion of the Gaza Strip has come to a sudden halt after the regime conceded to a truce in its war on the Palestinian territory.

Major General Hossein Salami warned on Thursday that should Israel not take a lesson from its mistake, it will face a worse annihilation.

“Today, we see that the regime that was galloping has suddenly stopped. If they had been winning, they would not have stopped themselves,” he told a gathering of Basij forces in Yazd.

“So it is clear that today’s impotence, inability, and failure are part of the nature of this evil power, and now they must avoid repeating their mistakes. Otherwise, they will be destroyed more,” he added.

Gen. Salami said Israel’s decision to come out of its fortifications and wage the war in the open in the Gaza Strip was a mistake, which had cost it more than 300 tanks and personnel carriers so far.

“The enemy thought that they could raise their victory flag by killing children, women and babies, and their only definition of victory was burying the defenseless people under the rubble.

“Another mistake they made was that they went out from behind the walls and as the Holy Qur’an says from behind the strong forts they had built, and removed the barrier between themselves and the Islamic fighters, bringing 1,600 tanks and armored personnel carriers into the field with their own hands,” he said.

Gen. Salami said when Israeli troops came close to direct confrontation with the Palestinian youths, they got into trouble.

“While they did not see the youths, the youths saw them, and the war between the tanks and the invisible ghosts began, and the tanks were destroyed at close range, and so far more than 300 tanks and personnel carriers have been destroyed,” he said.

After that, the Israelis realized that the road is closed and if the war continues, they will surely have their war machine destroyed, Gen. Salami said.

“In the north, Hezbollah engaged them, and they also faced problems in the West Bank. They were awake day and night and had become exhausted and anxious, because according to the Holy Qur’an, they are the companions of fear.”

Gen. Salami described the Gaza war “the most difficult” one Muslims have entered, “in which America, France, England, Germany, Israel and some hypocrites coalesced – and we know them – but were all defeated and got dejected together”.

“In a world where there are arrogant people, the path of Muslim happiness passes through the swords of Jihad, and this is the lesson that the heroic Gaza has taught us,” he said.

“The war in Gaza showed that the enemies and the arrogant powers are much closer to destruction than we thought.”

The IRGC chief said, “We are sure that the children of Palestine will be victorious, because they have been victorious so far.”

“They thank God when they hold the bodies of their dead children in their hands. Such a people will never be defeated by the enemy,” he added.